Look Back, Think Ahead, Execute Efficiently.

Get the most out of every well, every day. We turn raw data from your Drilling & Completions operations into actionable business intelligence, whether it’s recommending the correct Bit & BHA combination for the given geology, or pinpointing KPI’s like “best drilling practices” for optimal ROP. Access real-time reporting of field operations and build custom automated reports for each and every stakeholder.

A trusted & treasured partner for Oil & Gas Operators across the country with over 35 years of combined Well Planning, Drilling, Completion, and Data Engineering expertise.

Drilling Optimization Service

Diagnose with certainty,
fix issues for good.

The Drilling Optimization Service involves the consumption, ingestion, and enrichment of drilling data. With the subsequently improved data sets, we provide guidance via Drilling Parameter Road-Maps, BHA and Bit recommendations, Drill-String Side-Force analysis, Stiff-String T&D + Buckling analysis, and more. Put an end to finger-pointing between geology, engineering, and execution.

ROP Improvements

ROP Improvements

Rig Fuel Savings

Rig Fuel Savings

Rig Rate & Total Cost/Ft

Rig Rate & Total Cost/Ft

Delaware Basin 7-Well Case Study

Pushing the limits without risking the bottom line.

Our experienced group of analysts and engineers helped reduce on-bottom time by improving ROP by 16.2%, whilst reducing cost per foot by 12.3% on average per well over a 7-well spread.

Moontower recently encountered some difficult drilling on a 4-well pad in the Midland basin. Jennings and Nsight Analytics relentlessly combed through all of the available data to reveal the root cause of the issue. We were presented a clear summary complete with visuals to hammer home the conclusion. I feel confident not only that the issue can be avoided in the future, but also that we can achieve improved drilling performance by having Nsight involved in real-time analysis and decision making.

- Kristel Franklin, Moontower Resources CEO

Data Optimization Service

Meaningful datasets to drive business decisions

Using Nsight ETLA data processing methods we help you obtain a data collection pedigree to ensure meaningful datasets, providing valuable insight for your business.
E - "Extract" raw data by accessing, reading, and copying from source locations.
T - "Transform" the structure, format, or calculated values through data transformation operations.
L - "Load" the results to a data warehouse or analytics application in preparation for analysis.
A - "Analyze" your cleaned data and make improved decisions.

Through working closely with Jennings for 4 years, I can attest that not only does he understand how to capture and efficiently store data, but he then turns it into actionable information to make decisions upon. He is a proven workhorse and can help transform the way you think about and utilize data to transform your business.

- Tyler West, Admiral Permian VP of Engineering

WellLand™ AFE Creation, IoT Display &
Daily Field Reporting

You shouldn’t have to dig for information.

Simplifying your data and streamlining communications are key to operating efficiently. Optimize your daily field reporting , IoT displays, and HSE records through our refined user interface. Remove the complexity from your AFE and Daily Field Reporting with Nsight-Analytics WellLand™ software.

”Nsight's WellLand app makes tracking well assets, equipment, daily activity, and cost easy. It's clean, responsive, and the learning curve isn't too steep. I really like the modularity of the software, this makes tracking exactly what I need easy.”

- Jeremy Ward, Admiral Permian Drilling Manager

Automated Reporting

Keep everyone in the know in real-time.

Get every stakeholder up to date without lifting a finger. Automated daily reporting can be customized to funnel relevant data to individuals or groups. Setup is easy with our pre-built templates for customizable dashboards, rig and completion stats, and executive summaries.

Pre & Post Well Analysis: A solution void of vendor affiliation.

What do we measure?

These data sources help us determine best practices and optimization recommendations through analysis of provided directional, downhole, and surface EDR data, geology, and rig package information. We pinpoint areas of inefficiency and offer real solutions to enhance your drilling & completions operations.


  • Final Surveys
  • Mud-Motor Rebuild Reports
  • MWD Gamma
  • Slide Percentages

& Surface

  • 60-Second EDR Time Data
  • 10- Second EDR Time Data
  • Calculated
    • BH Torque
    • Bit RPM
    • Surface MSE DH MSE
  • UCS & CCS


  • Geo-Prognosis
  • Formation Tops
  • Mud Logging Data
  • Geo-Steering Data


  • Top Drive Technology
  • Mud Pumps
  • Power Technology
  • Drill-String Package

Your Ops

  • Historical Daily Reports
    • Bit & BHA Records
    • Daily Activity
  • Drilling & Completion Prognosis
  • Wellbore Diagrams

Take luck out of the equation.

Lowering your risk pays off quickly - with less equipment failure and a higher rate of penetration.